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DOE DOE High Quality Odorless Magic Roach Killer 3P+1

DOE DOE High Quality Odorless Magic Roach Killer 3P+1
Product Detailed
1.High Quality Odorless Magic Roach Killer 3P+1;2.4 pcs/box,8pcs/box,12pcs/box;3.Magic roach killer;4.OEM accepted.5.Rapidly.

DOE DOE High Quality Odorless Magic Roach Killer 3P+1


DOE DOE High Quality Magic Roach Killer 3P+1



Dimension of Outer Carton






N.W /Box

2g*4 PCS/BOX


Propoxur 0.1%W/W


Roach Killer

 Effective Space

12 Square Meter

 Suitable For

Kitchen Room,WC,Bar Room,Warehouse,etc

 Use Time

3 Months

 Shelf Life

3 Years


1.It will be dead without doubt if roach enters into this container. Magic rapid effect 2.Non-odour,Non-dirty smell,easy usage.  3.Contually killing roaches,kill all roaches.  4.Durable use over 3 months.  5.Use often,no roach trace.


1.After open the plastic bag, it can be used for 3 months.Pls donot open plastic bag if no use.

2.Keep it out of the reach of Children. No play it. No Eat.Pls consult with doctor if eat.

3.Open plastic bag, and stick on the corner of room or wall;Easy usage according instruction.

4.Pls donot open the container because it is designer scientifically for inducing roaches.


1.It can be effective after you stick it to where roaches run and stay.

2.3 pieces for 12 square meter room. Pls use more if roaches are more.

3.Pls use new one after 3 months.

1.Product Advantages:

A>: Cockroaches eating bait certain death, and wonders.

B>: Odorless and tasteless, easy to use.

C>:Serial kill cockroach, a clean sweep.

D>: Durable more than three months.

E>: Frequently used, cockroaches without a trace.

2.How to use:

1: Place in the channel and places frequented by cockroaches (kitchen, bathroom, bar),

   That can be effective.

2: General 12 square meters area, should also be using three kit.

3: Box bait was eaten by cockroaches or open for three months, should be replaced with new kit.


1: Avoid contact with Pregnant and feeding women

2: The structure of the plastic kit lure cockroaches scientific design, not forced open. Follow the instructions as

   The method to use, Do not contaminate food and drinking water.

3: The validity of the kit to open the plastic bag after three months, when not, please DO NOT OPEN.

4: Wash your hands after use. Allergy disabled. The use of any adverse reactions to medical treatment in a timely manner.

4. FRQ:

1.Why Doe Doe Roach Killer is so refractory?

This is the worldwide problem of insecticide experts every day in the study. The top floor of a new 68-story, rats, mosquitoes, flies can hardly patronize, only the cockroaches will soon be patronizing and able to multiply rapidly. According to scientists, research, 240 million years ago, the ancient, cockroaches have emerged, cockroaches appear earlier than the dinosaurs, cockroaches living fossils of the Paleozoic, it can survive so far because of the strong vitality. Cockroaches can fly, climb, can swim, and like the gregarious and fast breeding in the shadows, even for a long time anhydrous, no food and no harm to their survival, this is the cockroach refractory.

2.What is its magic ability?

A lot off the "air" can the efficacy of its use of a single cockroach to kill groups of cockroaches, serial killing cockroach researchers the habits of the cockroaches like shadows gregarious designed.

3. How to serial kill for cockroach?

"Serial killing" is the active ingredient in a lot of off effects to kill the cockroach drugs, as long as the content in parts per million, will be the cockroaches eat within 24 hours of death. When a cockroach eating and crawl back into the nest, about four hours after the attack potency, the cockroaches vomiting, vomit contains lure pheromone drugs, thus quickly nests within groups of cockroaches gaining the upper hand to eat vomit, four hours later the groups cockroach? magic emanation squid? "plague-like collective vomiting, and so pass along, all involving drugs cockroaches died within 24 hours due to body dehydration within the nests of cockroaches was" Clean Sweep ". "A lot of off the effect of serial killing cockroach catch is unmatched by ordinary killing cockroach bait.

4. Effect of those factors for Serial killing cockroach ?

(1). Cockroach infested more, the more opportunities for passing the efficacy, faster kill cockroach kill cockroach cockroaches between the transmission of information. If more than 20 cockroaches in the kitchen at night, the medication 24 hours cockroaches will disappear.

(2) To put the kit in the channel and places frequented by cockroaches.

(3) the general area of 10 square meters should be used in three kit.

(4) box bait cockroaches eaten or open three months attractant failure should be replaced with new kit.

5. Use it , will see mass mortality of cockroaches?

Not. Only see a few cockroaches death or death did not see a cockroach. Most of the poisoning, we must make to reach the scientific design of the "serial killing cockroach cockroaches can crawl back into the lair of a bait to kill other cockroaches, resulting in a chain to kill the cockroach effect. If the cockroaches died in nests outside will not be able to play the "serial killing" effect. Use a lot off the cockroaches will substantially reduce that cockroaches have died in the nests.

6. How much roaches will be killer for one piece?     

       3 piece can kill more than 500 cockroaches.

7. How to do if used and there is roach still?

It belongs to inducing-killed product, but the main is passed by cockroaches between efficacy, and thus the cockroaches, the less the longer kill cockroach, but if there are more cockroaches 7 days, that is, to check the following :

(1) according to the instructions;

(2) change placed;

(3) whether there are cockroaches refuse to eat the stuff sprayed on it, such as bath water, the worm water;

(4) increase the number of Kit.

8. Use more to kill roaches , will be better?

For sure! Use the number the more the chances of cockroaches to eat, kill the cockroach, the better, if they want to kill cockroaches, as soon as possible and should use to kill the cockroach box.

9.Why roaches become more after used aerosol sprays, smoked agent cockroaches?

Use aerosol sprays, smoked agent to kill the cockroach, part of the cockroach was stimulated after fleeing in the accelerated proliferation, fled to the new regional resettlement reproduce, involving drugs not dead cockroaches in their offspring are more resistant to Germany cockroach. This is the cockroach why the more to kill the more reason. Use "a lot of destruction" to lure the serial killing, in order cockroaches quickly brought under control

DOE DOE High Quality Odorless Magic Roach Killer 3P+1

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